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How to install Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

Bathroom vanity install is one of the key components in a bathroom remodeling project. Installing a bathroom vanity is a relatively easy project to do for the do it yourself homeowner. The tools required for a bathroom vanity install include: screw gun, ¼” drill bit, jig saw, level, pencil, hammer, measuring tape and square. For materials you will need a few 2 - 2.5” screws, several 4d finish nails, and some shims.

Installing a Bathroom Vanity Cabinet

1. Take away the old vanity cabinet. Locked the water supply and separate the drain lines. You may need to use a crowbar to separate the cabinet from the wall, so be cautious not to harm the sheetrock. If you plan to reprocess the bath sink and top, remove them from the cabinet and stock them securely.

2. Get ready the area for bathroom cabinet. Use a stud finder to locate the studs in the area behind where the vanity cabinet will be installing. Mark up the location of each stud with a trace.

3. Set up the vanity cabinet. Fit your new bath vanity in the space, and use the level to regulate if the part is level from front to back and side to side. Use shims to set up sides that sit minor than others, and trim them with a helpfulness knife to be flush with the front of the vanity cabinet. You may also need to tint the shims to match the bath cabinet.

4. Locked the cabinet. Drill screws through the top rail together with the back of the cabinet to attach it strongly to the wall studs. This will prevent the vanity from shocking or sloping.

5. Add it the countertop on the vanity cabinet and screw the countertop to the cabinet on the underside of the counter. Add the sink in the sink space, and seal around the edges to grip it in place. The bath sink may as well have sink locks that need to be attached on the underside.

6. Set up the plumbing. Rejoin the water supply and drain lines, and turn on the water source. Look up sensibly for drips or leaks that may necessity to be sealed.

Contemporary double sinks bathroom vanity
Wall mounted double basins bathroom vanity in dark brown color
68" Espresso color modern double sinks bathroom vanity cabinet
Single basin bathroom vanity in espresso finish

  • How to install Bathroom Vanity Cabinets
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